Monday, July 12, 2010


Over the weekend we visited Pineview Resevoir out by Ogden. It is so pretty there. I know Tay is almost 6 and going to start Kindergarten, but when she doesn't quite pronounce things right it really makes my day still.

"Where are my gobbles?" (goggles) - Tay

Dallyn was a real go getter jumping into the water and swimming like a fish.

Tay seemed intent on collecting pebbles from the surf and building sand castles.

If we could just do this everyday I would be in heaven!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taylie's Dance

So I wouldn't feel right as a proud mama if I didn't post up Taylie's year end show pics! She was so so great!! Her personality, energy and spunk were huge!

I am always amazed at how much the girls remember of their dance and how well they do.

We will be finding her a new studio to go to since her has now shut down, but man, she has done great with them.

SALT CITY STARS will truely be missed!!! :'(

When good plans get out of control!

So our latest adventure was St.George and Las Vegas. My sister has nationals for dance there every year and I also happened to have a work retreat at that same time. So it was just my mom, Jaycee and me. We went to St George first for a few days for work and then headed to Vegas for dance. My sister danced with Salt City for 10 years and did the showteam. She graduated this year and this would be our last hurah.

The trip went wild on the first day in Saint George! I got super sick with a kidney infection and possibly passing a kidney stone. So I was all hopped up on pain killers, antibiotics, and anti-nausea for the whole trip. I ended up being able to present with my work gals at the retreat, but I think I may have been more entertainment than anything. I looked like death warmed over and apparently slurred my words a bit. Also pretty sure I started rambling and got teary when we talked about teamwork and how I am so happy to have such a great team.

We went boating with everyone from work at a lake by Zions. My sis wouldn't get on the boat without me, so sick as I was I got on. Painkillers must have made me too loopy because I ended up getting in the tube. Our VP pulled me around gentle at first, but then did try to knock me off, which I rode out like a freakin champ!

Man, painkillers......They also help you to lose your inhibitions. In Vegas, as you see quite often, someone walked up and wanted you to hand them money. I prefer the guys who hold up signs like "Let's be honest, I need a beer," or "I would just like some weed" This what I saw in San Francisco back in May, at least they spell it out!

This guy approached my mom and I in our car at the grocery store, with our windows down. My mom starts to freak and roll them up. I was soooooo tired, slow and loopy, so I instead yelled out at the guy, "Get out of here!! Don't go there!!!" And as he looked me over and put his hands in the air like I was the cops I yelled another "GO!"

My sister danced beautifully and the team did great. This was really the last year for everyone. The studio is shutting down due to the economy. It's been around for well over 10 years. Super sad. Between nationals and everyone crying on their last dance and the year end show and all the crying. This has been an emotional mess.

Dance teaches girls so much more than moves. They get self confidence (a little too much somtimes!!) and self worth. They also get a sense of belonging and teamwork. I have gone to see Jaycee since she first started. Almost every dance comp, every single Nationals trip to Vegas. I got to know people pretty well and they have also seen Tay grow up. Tay has danced at Salt City for 2 years now. Her personality takes up the whole stage and she is so loved by everyone. She has made great little friends and they really look out for her. They accept her for who she is and help her to learn so much.

My mom and I did get to go to Zions on the way home, which was really beautiful. She also took me to Trader Joes. That place has some seriously yummy stuff!

So the trip had some highlights and lots of naps and trying to feel better. I want to go back with my mom though maybe in December so we can just have some fun!
So I have decided I need to use this more often now. I just need help learning the ins and outs haha!! I haven't felt this computer un-savy since I first started in office jobs! Any who can help with backgrounds, fixing my main pic or anything else helpful please just let me know.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

The puppies

We have 3 little ones running around everywhere, and no that doesn't mean kids haha. We have the super cute Weimeraner puppies still.

They are super smart and sweet. Taylie calls them Burt, and such and such. We call them Fattie, Crazy Eyes and Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy caught pnuemonia not too long ago and was on death's door, but after a lot of love he is back with his brothers and running around and causing trouble :)

I am still looking for good homes for them. Let me know if you know of anyone who is interested!

Thanks Heather!!!

So, I have been super lame, but I am finally posting here. I owe Heather big time for setting this thing up~I miss seeing her every day.

I am so lucky to have met such great people throughout life ands she is definitely one of the great ones :)

THANK YOU Heather!!

As soon as I can figure out what exactly to put on here I think I will definitely get addicted lol :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

First post!

Here's to hoping that Ashlee continues posting about herself and her lovely family, so that we (her friends and family) can keep up with all the excitement!